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Survey Maker is a powerful and creative questionnaire builder for iOS. Creating your own surveys is quick and easy with Survey Maker. Develop your native device screens on an iPad or iPhone. Use real native iOS controls with a slick and professional look and feel. Copy surveys to other devices. No programming is needed. No subscription charges are made and no registration is required. Just get the app and start building. Use the easy Designer tool to drag and drop real iOS controls onto your survey pages.
Real iOS Controls Start Building
Add Text Boxes, Notepads, Labels, Images, Tables, Buttons, Camera, Microphone, Maps with pins, Video player, Audio player, Item Pickers, Date Pickers, Segmented Controls, Signatures, Freehand areas, Lists, Web pages, Backgrounds, Color schemes Perfect for Market Researchers, Exhibitors, Developers and Entrepreneurs. If you are a member of the Apple Developer Program we can create a version of your survey for upload to the AppStore.

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